We are looking for the next television superstar!

Big Coat Media is searching across North America for fresh new faces to star in an exciting new property and/or renovation series. We’re looking for the brightest, most talented and highly skilled Designers, Real Estate Agents, and Contractors. You need to have an outgoing personality, plenty of charisma, on-camera presence and expert knowledge of the home or property world. Big Coat Media has produced some of the biggest international lifestyle series in the world and are constantly on the hunt for fresh talent. If you’ve got what it takes to be the next home, property or renovation star then we need to hear from you! Please fill out the appropriate application at the links below. You will be asked to submit a photo and video. So get that ready before you get started. Best of luck! Contractor: https://contractorhostcasting.castingcrane.com/ Designer: https://interiordesignerhostcasting.castingcrane.com/ Realtor: https://realtorhostcasting.castingcrane.com/