Paranormal Home Inspectors
Episode 1

Paranormal Home Inspectors is an engaging and suspenseful docu-drama series that follows a team of experts from very different disciplines who come together to decipher the often bizarre happenings in seemingly perfectly “normal” homes. However, there is nothing “normal” about these homes; inside the lights flicker, faucets turn themselves on and doors slam and lock on their own. Are these acts of paranormal activity or can physics and science provide an answer to all the abnormalities?

Enter our team of Paranormal Home Inspectors; a renowned psychic, a certified home inspector and a paranormal researcher.

Combining a traditional home inspection of each property, our team uses anything from a hammer and a flashlight to electronic voice phenomenon recordings and infrared video documentation to detect simple structural defects or spirits and hauntings.

Who will the homeowners believe, the certified home inspector and his plausible explanations or what’s happening in the home or our psychic and paranormal researcher? And if the homeowners are truly experiencing ghostly encounters...will they stay?