My Parents' House
Episode 1

Finally, a design show that we can all relate to!

My Parents' House is a design makeover series with a unique family twist. It's not the neighbors, family friends, or strangers in your space; it's family! Adult children return to the family home to do something they have been dying to do for years: redecorate and re-design at least one room in their parents' house. We're shaking up the suburbs and catapulting mom and dad's house into the 21st century!

Two expert designers, Andrika Lawren and Emmanuel Belliveau - also the show hosts - work together with adult siblings to create high "wow factor", city-style makeovers in outdated rooms that are void of design direction. Beneath the decades - old decor, family treasures are found and often retained as part of the re-designed, fresh space in mom and dad's suburban home. The design transformations on My Parents' House are awe-inspiring!

Viewers get a glimpse of the history of the family and the home, including all the sentimental and emotional attachments that have developed over the years. Through old photographs and sometimes older loveseats, you'll see how the family has grown and blossomed...but evidently, the home decor has not!

The adult siblings pick one room to re-design , and although they get some input from Mom and Dad before they're sent away on a two-day romantic getaway - the "kids" are ultimately in charge.

Showing a keen respect for family treasures and memories, the siblings, along with the designers, must turn a frightful room into a fresh contemporary space. And with only two days to renovate, re-design, de-clutter and re-decorate, sibling rivalries often flare up as relationships are put to the ultimate test. Viewers witness heated and heartfelt disputes over who has the best design sense and the best understanding of what Mom and Dad like. This is two days in the family home like no one has ever experienced...just wait until Mom and Dad get home!

My Parents' House combines hilarious family dynamics with stunning design transformations - it's a show we can all relate to, and one not to be missed!

Season 1-4 x 53 Episodes