Love It or List It: Hilary and David Tell All
Hilary’s Home

What happens when one of HGTV’s most popular designers decides to take the plunge and renovate a house that she bought on a whim? In this special, supersized episode of Love It Or List It, we pull back the curtain and get personal with Hilary Farr. Join her design journey and go through the obstacles as she renovates her own home.We will dig deep into her creative process and struggles to turn a tiny,one-story house into one she can share with her whole family. Hilary will be put to the test as everything that can go wrong does go wrong.David will be by her side through the trials and tribulations as a friend, but one with his own agenda too. Convinced he can find her a better property than this money pit, David will take the opportunity to try and woo her away with other amazing homes in the area.As issues mount, will Hilary wonder whether she made the right decision to invest so much time and money into this tiny home? Or will it be easier to walk away and List It?And ultimately, will Hilary be able finish her own home’s renovation on time, and without breaking the bank?