End of the Rope – Intro

When America’s largest structures need to be repaired there’s only one man for the job. Trask Bradbury and his team of rope access engineers tackle one of the world’s most terrifying professions. Whether it’s massive repairing wind turbines, colossal Dams, giant rollercoasters, offshore platforms, towering statues or the Seattle Space Needle no job is too big for his fearless crew.

END OF THE ROPE is a reality series following the adventures of Trask Bradbury and his rope team as they risk their lives to maintain America's engineering marvels. The viewer gets a disorienting look as they suspend themselves in a variety of environments with every job having its own inherent risk. If they make one wrong move the result is serious injury or worse.

Each 60 min episode follows Trask and his crew on two major jobs, taking the viewer through the entire - nerve shredding - process. Figuring out how they will pull it off, prepping equipment, traveling to location and most importantly execution. Not to mention highlighting the characters on the crew and having some laughs along the way. This series is an exclusive peek into a high-octane world of an extremely risky profession where anything can happen.

Along with the breathtaking action, END OF THE ROPE delves into the fascinating history, science and engineering behind each structure.

With its unique blend of characters, history, science and edge-of-your-seat visuals, END OF THE ROPE is an exclusive peek into a high-octane world rarely documented - where anything can happen!