Chef Worthy
Episode 1

Two cooks, one title…let the culinary battle begin!

In each episode of this tasty new cooking series, two brave and competitive amateur cooks step up to the stove to prove they have what it takes to be deemed Chef Worthy.

With no professional training, our confident amateurs are put through a series of culinary tests and challenges, under the watchful guise of one of Canada’s foremost chefs, Michael Potters. With his own unique style of tough love and charm, Michael Potters has little patience for wannabe chefs who think his job is easy!

Braving the critique of a master chef, our amateur cooks will invite Chef Potters into their home to prepare their signature dish. Friends and family may rave about their culinary creations, but will Chef Potters be as flattering? How will our cocky amateurs react to being told they might not be as Chef Worthy as they thought? With little time to pick up the pieces of their egos, their second culinary challenge takes them out of the comforts of their home kitchen and into the world of a professional chef. With unprecedented access to many of Canada’s finest restaurants, our amateur cooks will be put to the test working on the line of a five star restaurant. Under the gun, this is their opportunity to watch and learn from the best. Needing the right set of skills and the right attitude, how will they perform? Who will triumph? And are either of them ready for the next challenge?

It’s time to turn up the heat one more time with the Culinary Coliseum! Our amateur cook’s third and final challenge takes place in the Culinary Coliseum (studio) where each cook must produce his or her own culinary masterpiece from a black box of ingredients. With the clock ticking a panel of four culinary experts will determine who will ultimately be crowned Chef Worthy.