Breathing Space Yoga
Episode 1

Hosted by internationally renowned yoga practitioner, Diane Bruni, Breathing Space Yoga explores a new and exciting way to experience yoga and adapt it to busy lifestyles and changing needs.

In each episode, our host and four students take viewers through a revitalizing and relaxing yoga practice. Each pose and exercise is designed to build stamina, strength and balance. Diane offers an energizing workout for people of all ages and all levels of fitness – from the yoga beginner to the more advanced practitioner.

In each of the 65 episodes of Breathing Space Yoga, Diane leads the
viewer through three phases of study. The warm up phase involves postures to prepare the mind and body. The second phase is the main series of postures that unite the mind and body. And the third phase is time for meditation, practicing poses that balance the mind and body.

Filmed at a breath-taking location on a private estate, this easy to follow program will improve physical performance and promote peace of mind for all viewers.

Yoga is a philosophy of life, which also has the potential to create a vibrantly healthy body and mind.

Take a little time for yourself with Breathing Space Yoga

Season 1x65 Episodes