Love It or List It
Faissal & Farihah

When Faissal and Farihah bought their house 6 years ago, they had always planned on doing a major renovation to the oddly laid out space. But with 3 small children and busy jobs, there has been no time to focus on changing the function of the house.
The foyer has become a dumping ground for shoes and jackets. Storage space is non-existent, especially for their formal South Asian dress clothes that they wear for special occasions which are stuffed in suitcases in their tiny closet. Forever de-cluttering, the garage is full of boxes leaving no space for a car. The backyard lacks space for the kids to play, the kitchen is dated and the smaller rooms are not being used effectively.

Farihah is confident that with Hilary’s vision and expertise, all her storage issues and functionality challenges will be solved. On the other hand, Faissal wants more space for this growing family and is confident David can find them the perfect home that fits all their needs.