Love It or List It
Mia & April

April and Mia have been married for 16 years, have twin teen sons, two dogs and a house that is making none of them very happy. The house is in desperate need of a makeover, and it’s been causing tension and stress for a long time. The problem is Mia wants to stay as she grew up in the area and is attached to the house for sentimental reasons. April really wants to go, she’s tired of the tight space and wants an updated home with more land. Nothing has been done to their home because they can’t agree on how to proceed. The main floor kitchen and dining room are old and need to be updated. The layout is all wrong, but Mia still feels that with Hilary on her side, the house can be transformed into their forever home. April could not disagree more. She can’t wait for David to come on board and find them their new perfect house and say “bye-bye” to their current house disaster.