Love It or List It
Peter & Sheryl

Peter and Sheryl bought his mother’s house when they first got married. Now 23 years later, Sheryl has never had a chance to make this home her own, it has always felt like her mother in-law’s house. And now that their home is showing it’s age, Sheryl is ready to move on and pick a house that she loves. Peter doesn’t like change. He is happy with the house and doesn’t see the need to move. He realizes that the home is all original, but he has no intention of moving. Also, he has a sentimental attachment to his mother’s house and even though he understands Sheryl’s frustration with the current state of the home, he would rather put his faith in Hilary’s expertise than ever consider moving to another property. Sheryl would move in a heartbeat. Even though she has painted rooms and tried to add her own touches throughout she has never been happy with the function or layout of their home. She is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with David. Finding a new property, that she gets to choose and making it her own has always been on her bucket list.