Love It or List It
Karen & Jose

Karen has no intention of ever leaving her home. She is attached to the area and sees the potential in her house. With her mother and sisters close by it creates a wonderful, supportive environment for her family. The property has a good backyard and great curb appeal and an open space for her kids to hang out. With Hilary’s magic touch, Karen is convinced that this house will remain their forever home. Jose on the other hand, has never truly loved this house. Bottom line he feels it’s just too small with too much wasted space that is not being used effectively. When you first walk into the home, the staircase is right in your face as it is positioned smack in the middle of the entrance. With his Latin background, Jose wants a home to host extended family get-togethers with loads of room for salsa dancing on a Saturday night. At this point, he feels there is so much work that needs to be done renovation wise, that it makes more sense for David to find them a new house then to spend money more money on fixing it up.