Love It or List It
Megan & Trevor

Trevor and Megan thought their home was the perfect size when they moved in. But now with 3 kids under 4, including a set of twins, Megan and Trevor are quickly realizing that the space is just not big enough.

Trevor loves the neighborhood and can’t imagine living anywhere else. They feel connected to the community and have brought all three children back to this home. Megan is fed up with this home and is ready to make the move. Even though she loves the neighborhood, the house needs a big overhaul. The main floor has old carpet in the dining room, hardwood in the family room that needs to be replaced, and pink tile extending from the front door that is an eyesore. The kitchen is old and has almost no space for seating the family of five.

Megan no longer loves the house and wants to move out while Trevor is convinced everything can be fixed. Will Hilary give them better function and space for a family of five or will David find them the perfect house with more room including a better kitchen.