Love It or List It
Serena & Flare

Sarena and Flare are an active couple whose artistic endeavors (Sarena is a musician, Flare performs as a drag king) fill much of their free time and much of their space in their tiny home. With only two bedrooms in the house, the 2nd bedroom is currently competed over as not only their hobby space, but a guest room and office. Knowing they need more space to accommodate their ever growing creative ventures, guests and office needs, this couple finds themselves at a crossroads. Serena is in love with their first home and feels the energy within it could never be duplicated, while Flare has had it with their cramped main floor, shared creative space and no room to house their family. Can Hilary reclaim the basement to rescue Flare's heart? Or will David coax this couple outside their neighborhood to a home with the perfect combo of heart and function?