Love It or List It
Wendie & Dave

Dave and Wendie thought they had lucked out when a depressed real estate market allowed them to purchase their 2200 square foot home in an affluent suburban neighborhood. But 8 years later, the strange layout of the house is at war with the family's needs, in large part due to the discovery that their eldest daughter has epilepsy. With the master bedroom on the other side of the house from the kids, Wendie is exhausted, spending most nights watching a video monitor for signs of seizures. As well, the kitchen is overloaded from the demands of creating multiple meals every day to cater to everyone's specific needs. Wendie has had it with her home, but Dave believes it can be reconfigured to function well enough to keep them from leaving their beautiful neighborhood. Can Hilary solve the bedroom proximity problem and create a kitchen that will convince Wendie to stay? Or will David find the house with the layout and function that can make Dave leave his precious location?