Love It or List It: Vancouver
Dawn & Brian

When Dawn and Brian were looking for a family home to raise their two boys, they settled on a house in a great neighbourhood, more for what was on the outside than the inside. Charmed by the forested backyard and creek running through the property, Brian made it a labour of love to build a backyard oasis complete with gazebo, fire pit, eating areas and a bridge over the creek. The only problem? The inside of the house was less than stellar. A choppy main floor, small kitchen and no shower in the ensuite were just the start of Dawn’s complaints. Now she has a beautiful backyard and no suitable access to it for entertaining. With the kitchen upstairs, it’s a treacherous descent to the backyard on the narrow outdoor stairs or a trip through their grungy basement mudroom — not exactly where you want to take guests. Can Jillian reconfigure and update this house to make it Dawn and Brian’s dream or can Todd find them greener pastures on the other side of the creek?