Love It or List It: Vancouver
Talia & Travis

When Talia and Travis bought a 100-year-old character home badly in need of some work, they felt optimistic that fixing it up would be a labour of love. But now their thoughts have shifted to a different kind of labour—a new baby on the way to join their toddler Wyatt, and Talia is in full panic mode. How will they function in a chopped up layout with unusable rooms and an outdated kitchen? How will four people cope with only one bathroom in the entire house, not to mention they don’t have a bedroom for the baby. Talia’s answer is to move on, but Travis plans to grow old in his old home. To have any hope of winning, Jillian will have to deliver a stunning transformation because Talia already has one foot out the door. Meanwhile, Todd must find them a perfect house that’s less turn-of-the-century and more turn-key.