Love It or List It: Vancouver
Lisa & Chris

Lisa and Chris met in the army, got married and wanted to buy a home in the city to start raising their family. A tough housing market proved challenging and they could only afford a tiny, quirky character house with an odd layout and even odder rooms, like an open-concept bathroom. For artist and entrepreneur Chris, it’s the perfect location, close to work and the thriving art community, and Lisa was happy for a time too, until Mike came along. Lisa re-discovered her childhood passion for riding, with a feisty horse named Mike, but the 45 minute trek each way to ride him each day has her putting pressure on Chris to move to the country so Lisa can be close to both her loves. Can Jillian help them find that lovin’ feeling with more style and function in their city home or will Todd lure them to greener pastures with the perfect home for them and Mike?