Love It or List It: Vancouver
Gail & Mike

25 years ago, Gail and Mike painstakingly built their family home from the ground up. They loved the neighbourhood, close to trails and amenities, and the lot they chose backed onto a school--what better location to raise a family? Choosing each tile, paint colour and making every decision was exhausting, but a labour of love. Once the house was built they got busy raising their three kids, travelling and working and now nothing in the house has changed in 25 years! The family room was never completely finished, the small rooms and choppy layout now seem stifling and the glass block in unusual places feel dated. With the kids almost all moved out, Gail is tired of the wasted space, the well-worn fixtures and floors and she feels out of place in a neighbourhood surrounded by young families. Mike thinks they made this house great 25 years ago and now it’s time for the real expert, Jillian Harris, to make it perfect for another 25. Gail wants Todd to find a modern, sophisticated home where she can entertain and feel proud of her space again. As far as she’s concerned, Jillian can’t fix that they are on a busy street and only have a one-car garage, but Mike holds this house dear, like a fourth child, and he’s not ready to let his baby go.