Love It or List It: Vancouver
Shar & Dave

When Shar and Dave got married nine months ago, Shar was happy to get the guy and his two teenaged daughters, but the house? Not so much. Dave thinks his house is ideally located to his work and the girls’ school and the quirks and dated rooms can all be fixed. Shar was hoping for a fresh start to grow with her new family in a place they could all call home. She’s tired of the dated kitchen, the wasted spaces and the outrageous ensuite that has to be seen to be believed. Dave knows once Jillian puts her stamp on their home it will be functional and stunning, but Shar’s love isn't blind enough to ignore the serious problems with this house. Jillian’s got to get Shar to feel the love for this home or Todd may steal her heart, and Dave’s, with a new love nest.