Love It or List It: Vancouver
Randi & Neil

Randi and Neil fell in love with their small house on a big lot, in a family-friendly neighbourhood, when it was just the two of them and baby girl Mason. When baby brother Nate came along the family started to notice the space crunch in the two-story house that has gotten worse as the kids grow. Now that Neil has become a stay-at-home Dad, he feels the day to day shortcomings of the house more than ever. Fed up with his daily struggles in the choppy, dysfunctional kitchen and fighting for space in their one main floor bathroom, Neil finds he’s being pushed out of his home. He stores his clothes downstairs and uses the basement bathroom because he’s tired of fighting with Randi and the kids. He longs to have more room and to finally feel at home in his own home, but Randi insists having extra space would just be wasted and a makeover is what their home needs. Can Jillian’s space saving solutions give Neil the comfort he craves or will Todd show Randi that bigger really is better?