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Episode 1001: Challenger Family

Kim and Richard Challenger were newly weds when they bought their two bedroom Toronto home. Fast forward 12 years and add two adolescent kids into the mix and the Challenger’s living situation has become, well, challenging! Will Hilary discover hidden potential in this small home or will David convince Kim and Richard to leave their cramped quarters behind?

Episode 1002: Lederman Family

When Jessica and Steve moved into their urban home nine years ago, the couple had more than enough space for Steve’s dozens of musical instruments. But now with two young kids added to their brood, Steve’s collection of instruments inhabiting almost every room is creating total disharmony in the Lederman home. Will Hilary’s plan to reinvent the main floor and finish the basement hit a high note with Steve and Jessica or will the Ledermans decide it’s time to pack up and move?

Episode 1003: McMinn Family

When Brad and Laura McMinn’s moved to their suburban home seven years ago, they knew the three bedroom house had room for their family of four. However a surprise pregnancy a few years ago changed things in a hurry. With their 12 year old twins constantly arguing about their shared space, the McMinn’s are in desperate need of additional bedrooms. Will Hilary be able to play referee and give the boys the space they need or will David show the McMinn’s a larger home that they can’t resist?

Episode 1004: Thomson Family

Three years ago Kira and Andrew Thomson bought their cozy three bedroom home. Although cosmetically it needed help, the couple felt the home had great bones and was in the perfect area to start a family. With the birth of their daughter Olivia, in March 2007, the Thomson’s were left feeling cramped and overwhelmed. With Kira and Andrew planning to add another little one to the family, can Hilary make the Thomson’s main floor a more family functional space or will David be able to persuade this frustrated couple to go?

Episode 1005: Doudelet Family

Nine years ago, teenage sweethearts Jay and Shari Doudelet moved to the city with their two sons. Two years ago, the family fell in love with their Beaches home. Appearing as a single family home from the outside, the house offered two self contained units, a perfect solution for the Doudelet’s and their son in university. However, after moving in Jay and Shari quickly realized this living situation was far from ideal. With a tiny kitchen and an overall lack of space and privacy, Jay and Shari are at their wits end. Will Hilary be able to create a spacious kitchen and a private bedroom for these lovebirds or can David inspire the Doudelet’s to leave their less that perfect home behind?

Episode 1006: Singh Family

It was nine years ago when Tim and Tarquin Singh found what they thought was their ideal family home. Jump ahead nearly a decade and those feelings have definitely changed. With three kids in their teens and tweens, the family is constantly on top of one other. What was once a spacious main floor now is constant cause of stress as it can no longer accommodate this busy family of five. Can Hilary reconfigure the main floor provide some breathing room for their family, or will the Singh’s leave their crowded quarters behind?

Episode 1007: Thomson Family

Helen and Jamie Thomson moved into their quaint home when their son, Iain, was just three weeks old. They loved the curb appeal, the lovely lake location and most of all, the cozy interior. However, with Jamie’s mother frequently staying over minding Iain, and baby number two the way, it’s clear that the Thomson’s are running out of space fast. Will Hilary’s plans to finish Jamie and Helen’s basement be enough to give the Thomson’s the extra space they need or will David convince them they’ve outgrown their tight quarters and that it’s time to leave their home behind?

Episode 1008: Wood Family

When Suzanne and McLean Wood found their urban home, they knew it was a diamond in the rough. But after falling in love with the neighbourhood, the couple felt up for the challenge. They began renovations the day they took possession but now four years later with two young boys in the equation, Suzanne and McLean have hit a wall, literally. The lack of access to their huge backyard, along with their tiny, closed off kitchen creates a constant source of anxiety. Will Hilary be able to give the Wood’s the access and openness they desire or will David be able to convince this young family of four that moving is their best bet?

Episode 1009: McGeachie Family

Four years ago Derek and Andie McGeachie were looking for a home to start a family. They fell in love with a 100 year old house on a quiet street, under a canopy of trees. At first the charming home lived up to their greatest expectations— but now with a toddler and a newborn the difficulties and impracticalities of an older home have quickly become apparent. Planning for a third child soon, the McGeachie’s dread the thought of co-habiting in a house where the only full bathroom is an en suite. Will Hilary be able to create another bathroom on the already crowded second floor to convince the McGeachie’s to stay, or will David persuade them to move into a home with the modern conveniences this growing family needs?

Episode 1010: Roedger Family

Maggie and Roy Roedger moved into their current home 16 years ago after falling in love with the big yard and character of the house.  But now three sons and two dogs later, they’re out of room, and ideas. The to-do list is long; the kitchen is old and poorly laid out, their son Gil doesn’t have a proper bedroom, they need office space and a more livable basement and dining room. With her work cut out for her—will Hilary be able to give the Roedger’s the functional layout and update they crave to persuade them to stay, or will David move find a home with the space and modernity to suit their needs?

Episode 1011: Preston Family

It was love at first sight for Thom and Melissa Preston and their early 1900’s ‘farmhouse’ style home. However, after only one year, the Preston’s are starting to feel the country charm is wearing off. The original farmhouse style kitchen is beginning to show its age with both cosmetic wear and tear and a layout that that doesn’t suit a modern family’s needs. In addition, the need to give their two daughters their own rooms is quickly becoming a pressing issue. Can Hilary create a functional kitchen for the Preston’s and give the girls the space they need or will David convince the family that a more modern home is the best way to go?

Episode 1012: Turner Family

Entrepreneurs Victoria and Scott Turner moved into their charming Victorian home in 2004. After two years at the house they welcomed daughter Avery and then son Oliver.  But now with the kids and the business growing fast, Victoria and Scott are beginning to feel they’re growing out of their dream home. The kitchen is the biggest issue—acting as the main entry point for the home there’s an overflow of hats, shoes and coats cluttering what little space the kitchen has.  Not to mention Victoria’s lack of suitable office space for her burgeoning business, and the lack of a play area for the kids, the Turner’s know something has got to give. Will Hilary be able to expand and organize the Turner’s home to address their multiple needs, or will David be able to convince them to list and move to a home that offers them the much needed space they crave.

Episode 1013: Pliskat Family

Kira bought her urban duplex six years ago—she was living upstairs and renting out the downstairs until she met and married Mike Pliskat. After the wedding, the tenants moved out, Mike moved in and the Pliskat’s welcomed their baby girl.  However, the family soon realized the duplex layout was not conducive to a single family.  There are two apartment-size kitchens, a stairway that goes unused, and all the bedrooms are on the main floor. The layout has the Pliskat’s living in essentially half the house, and leaves Hilary with a big job. Will Hilary be able to turn this duplex into a home that’s single-family friendly or will David find a place that’s already ready to accommodate this family of three.

Episode 2014: Mitchell Family

Before Andrew and Julie Mitchell bought their current home, they lived across the street for seven years. The couple watched as the house transformed from a bungalow to two stories and hoped it would come up for sale. When it finally did, the Mitchell’s immediately purchased it knowing it was spacious enough for their family of four. However after a year in the home, their daughter Parker arrived and the family started feeling the crunch. With their two youngest girls having to share a bedroom, Andrew and Julie constantly deal with disruptions. The couple feels their unfinished third floor is the perfect solution for their bedroom drama. Will Hilary be able to tackle the monumental task of creating the bedrooms the Mitchell’s so badly require or will David find a home that already fits this growing family?

Episode 2015: Tallmeister Family

Erik and Kim Tallmeister moved into their Toronto duplex in 1997. While it was perfect for the newlyweds at the time, since then their family has doubled, and the two and a half bedroom home with an unfinished basement no longer accommodates this family of four.  Their two daughters have started pleading for their own bedrooms, and the basement has been an albatross around their neck for seven years, as continuous construction problems kept them from creating the space they so desperately need.  Erik has had enough; he thinks they should get out before they spend any more money. But Kim is a fighter, and believes they’ve come this far – to give up now would be admitting failure. Will Hilary finally finish the Tallmeister’s basement and add bedroom space to give their daughters much needed breathing room, or will David be able to woo the family into a larger home that comfortably fits this family of four?

Episode 2016: Cunniam Family

The Cunniam home has come a long way from the bachelor pad it was when Jennifer first moved in, but now their growing family has taken over.  Rod is dodging toys in his basement office space and Jennifer would love the ability to relax in her ‘old and tired’ en suite bathtub at the end of a hectic day.  For Jennifer, the house still feels like a bachelor pad and just doesn’t work for their family of five.  Rod thinks it’s far from a bachelor pad but admits it could function better.  The question is, will Hillary be able to convert this former bachelor pad into a fully functioning home for Jennifer or will David find the perfect home that finally will convince Rod it’s time to go.

Episode 2017: Kowalik Family

Robert and Kim Kowalik left their downtown condo behind and moved into their High Park home when they discovered they had a baby on the way one year ago. They needed space to accommodate a growing family and felt this five bedroom beauty was the perfect place to call home. Sadly, shortly after moving in the Kowalik’s suffered a miscarriage and struggled ever since.  The Kowalik’s are now left with an abundance of space, not to mention rising costs. The faults of their home are also becoming apparent–with many rooms un-insulated, a single bathroom for the whole house, Kim just doesn’t feel comfortable in the home and she wants to find a smaller place that suits their life now.  However, Robert believes the house is full of potential and with a little elbow grease and patience it can be the home they dreamed of.  Will Hilary be able to create the comforts of home that will convince Kim to stay or will David find a smaller more suitable place for this conflicted couple.

Episode 2018: Yee Family

Helen and Andrew Yee have lived in their large suburban home for 15 years. It was perfect when they bought it because it followed the Feng Shui principles of good energy flow. But the good energy came to a halt when the 3 kids came along highlighting  a lack of bathrooms, poor sight lines, and an 80’s main floor. Helen loves her house and wants to fix it, but Andrew wants a larger home and wants to move on. Will Hilary’s renovations be able to wow this family into staying or will David take them away to a larger home that meets all the Feng Shui criteria?

Episode 2019: Ford – Williams Family

Three years ago, Gerard and Laka’s careers brought them to Canada. Their love affair with their house started almost immediately.  It was bursting with charm and character but was very small, particularly  for Gerard’s 6’4 stature.   Gerard and Laka are in the process of expanding their family by adopting a child and their home could work against them if it doesn’t meet the adoption requirements.  Laka feels with a little work the house has the potential to fit the bill but Gerard is not convinced and feels their money would be more useful elsewhere – like moving!  Laka and Gerard are really at a crossroads with very high stakes.  Will Hilary be able to find the space they now desperately need or will David convince Laka another home is the ultimate solution to their predicament.

Episode 2020: McLean Family

Parveen and Andy have been married for one month, but don’t live together. She lives with her teens in her country home, while Andy lives with his 2 teens in his city triplex. The decision to move to the city was easy, but the decision to live in Andy’s house is problematic. His house is a triplex with tenants and needs to be converted to a family home. Andy loves this place where he’s lived with his boys for 8 years. But Parveen is not convinced that renovations will  make this house what she needs it to be. Will Hilary be able to convince Parveen that this is the right place for these 2 families to live together or will David find them the perfect family home that they can just move into?

Episode 2021: Adamidis Family

With dangerously unfinished renovations, a freezing cold kitchen and a laundry lined basement it has become painfully clear to Chris and Petrea that their one time dream home no longer works for this environmentally conscious couple. But when Hilary is forced to remove half their house, she opens a Pandora’s Box of rot related renovations leaving the Adamidis’ looking to David to find a house that somehow bridges function, feelings and finance.

Episode 2022: Goddard Family

Chris and Stephanie bought their charming starter home 5 years ago. It was exactly what they needed at the time. But along came baby Bella and now the house seems too small. Its cluttered, has a tiny, inefficient kitchen, and an unfinished basement. Stephanie wants to move to a larger home to raise Bella and hopefully more children, but handyman Chris wants to fix this place up and stay. They both really love their neighborhood by the lake. Will Hilary be able to give them everything they want in this house so they will stay or will David find them a move in condition home that will suit a growing family?

Episode 2023: Smout Family

When Leigh and Erin found their modernized home, these opinionated art collectors knew they were home. But as their family grew from four to five it became clear that space in their artistically adorned abode wasn’t adding up, a fact that split this couple down the middle. Now David and Hilary are caught between spiraling expectations and over the top opinions as they battle it out to deliver a little homeowner happiness to this clearly conflicted couple.

Episode 2024: Elliott Family

Despite taking 27 years to realize their dream of home-ownership, Doug and Ellie rushed into their house overlooking its total lack of function. Bringing in Hilary and David to find the answers to their domestic dysfunction, these nearly empty nesters get more than they bargained for when Hilary discovers disastrous damage in their basement and David exposes the uneasy economic realities of their hard earned budget. Can they stay in their crumbling house? Or will they have to re-evaluate everything they thought they wanted in a home? Only the Elliott’s can decide.

Episode 2025: Bayda – MacLean Family

The longer mother and son Natalie and Brandon live in their 1100 square foot home, the smaller it seems to become. Now 20 years old and over six feet tall Brandon and his mom can’t continue to live in a home that’s become overcrowded from top to bottom. But bringing in Hilary to clear the clutter and David to hunt for greener pastures only proves to divide this family more as they battle it out to provide this Natalie and Brandon with some much needed breathing space.

Episode 2026: Sproat Family

John and Rebecca rushed blindly to buy a house just in time to start a family. 15 months later with hopes of another baby on the way, their two bedroom home has split this couple down the middle. John wants Hilary to create the space for their family to grow, while Rebecca wants David to simply find them the perfect home. If our hosts are going to help this conflicted couple, they’ll have to overcome unrealistic expectations and a complete lack of faith and as the Sproat’s stretch not only the limits of their expertise, but their patience.

Episode 3027: Michael & Jeffery

Michael and Jeffery not only have a house that’s not working for them but they’re also on different sides in regards to a solution.  Michael wants to “downsize” and find another home while Jeffery feels they have all the space they need and wants to stay put.  Will Hilary be able to convince Michael their current house could be their forever home or can David show Jeffery a house with all the space they need but on a smaller scale?

Episode 3028: Mahn & Masako

The Nguyen’s feel the time has come to make a change and convert their house back to a single family home.  With living quarters split up among the main floor and basement the family is desperate to reclaim their space.   Manh feels the house is “lucky” and thinks a renovation is the answer to their problems.  Masako on the other hand feels there are too many things to do and it’s easier and more beneficial to move.   Will Hilary continue the “lucky” streak and convince Masako its best to stay or can David start their luck in another home and convince Manh it’s time to leave?

Episode 3029: Eddie & Martine

For Martine and Eddie- Love it or List It`s consummate contractor, a potential filled home has become a huge headache. After two years, life dedicated to his masterful work on the show has left Eddie with little time to complete the mountain of must haves needed to transform their cramped quarters into the open oasis Martine deserves. With Martine and David itching for the ease of a project free home, Eddie has no choice but to put his faith in Hilary, but when things get heated, this hard working handy man will need to learn to trust his team or risk losing his dream home forever.

Episode 3030: John & Cecile

After looking at hundreds of homes John and Cecile found the “perfect house” and were on the path to early retirement when life took them in a different direction.  John and Cecile’s once “perfect” home is no longer as they are now in a position where they need to make some major changes.  Will Hilary be able to sway Cecile and show her the house has the potential to carry them through this transition period or can David convince John the time has come to explore other options and move.

Episode 3031: Jose & Crystal

With their bungalow bursting and a new baby due any day, the Gallagher’s are in serious need of a domestic do-over. With tight budgets in hand, Hilary and David will have to race against the clock if they hope to provide this feuding family with some much needed breathing space before baby number four arrives!

Episode 3032: Rachel & Stephane

For Rachel and Stephane, having two kids in four years has rendered their home problematic. Stephane has never really liked the house, only the location, but Rachel is attached to its character and community. Will Hilary be able to convince Stephane to staying in a space that he simply dislikes, or will David be able to sway them away into a new home with just as much character but more space.

Episode 3033: Charles & Sherri

When Charles and Sherri purchased their large centrally located fixer upper, they knew it would be more than enough space for their family of four, but when they decided to start housing foreign students, breathing space became scarce and the reno requirements became unreasonable. Desperate to accommodate their ever changing family without losing their beloved location, David and Hilary will have to work over time if they hope to unite this conflicted couple under the same over-sized roof.

Episode 3034: Desta & Mark

The worlds of Hilary and David are turned on their heads when Hilary’s faithful assistant Desta and her musician boyfriend Mark go from mild mannered friends of the show to some of the hardest to please homeowners the hosts have ever had to deal with.

Episode 3035: Jim & Connie

When Jim and Connie traded suburban sprawl for their commute free cottage in the city, they thought they’d made the right move. Four years later their dreams to grow their family don’t match up to the spacial limitations of their tiny home. Determined to give this couple the space they so desperately need, Hilary and David battle it out to re-unite this couple through a residential Renaissance.

Episode 3036: Nancy & Andrew

After four years of trying to navigate their way through their maze of a house, Nancy and Andrew feel their diamond in the rough has lost most of it’s shine. Convinced they can each provide this conflicted couple with the space that will function for their family, Hilary and David will have to overcome  high hopes and huge expectations on their quest to impress these impossibly picky people.

Episode 3037: Kelly & Colin

When Kelly and Colin first purchased their 1200 square foot urban home, it was in the right place at the right time, but 9 years and 3 kids later, Colin’s opinion of compact, busy urban living has changed prompting the battle of city versus suburb. Now the battle has found its way to Hilary and David who have their work cut out for them, scaling unrealistic expectations at home and a fear of relocation abroad, on their quest to unite this family under one mutually agreed upon roof.

Episode 3038: Steve & Jennifer

Steve promised Jennifer that if they bought a fixer-upper in the neighborhood where he  grew up, she’d have her dream home within the year. But 3 years later, this dream has turned into a nightmare with very little done, and a long list left to do. With her limited budget, will  Hilary be able to turn their cave into a castle and make it Jennifer’s dream home? Or will David be able to find the needle in the haystack in Steve’s

Episode 3039: Holly & Peter

When newly wed, design TV enthusiasts Holly and Peter bought there first home, they thought they’d be able to transform it as quickly as the pros on their favourite shows, but a year later this conflicted couple is buried under a pile of unfinished renovations and unrealized dreams.

Now Hilary and David find themselves in the middle of a tug-o-war between Peter’s persistence to press on and Holly’s designer desires for home. Will either of them find the balance to please this picky pair?

Episode 3040: Ilda & Ryan

With their charming, older home crammed with guitars, pianos and kid stuff,  Ilda and Ryan need a domestic do over. But Ilda’s in love with her fixer upper while Ryan’s ready to run out the door to a new home.  With borderline budgets, and lofty lists, can Hilary bring back the love to make Ryan see a future here or will David save the day with a suitable family space?

Episode 3041: Steven & Stephanie

Steven and Stephanie live in a fabulous part of town in a seriously dated home. Steven had a 5 year plan to make this their dream home, but 7 years later, nothing’s been done. Stephanie can’t see anymore what this house has to offer, while Steven wants to stick to the plan.  Will Hilary be able to convert this residence into Stephanie’s dream home or will David’s promise of a newer, better house close to home convince them to list?

Episode 3042: Steven & Rita

When Steven and Rita first purchased this 2000 square foot suburban home they were in full agreement that this was the house for their family, but only a few years and 2 kids later their home has become a battlefield fueled by frustration over it’s lack of function. Wading into the war are Hilary and David, each convinced they can guide this troubled twosome to a truce, but before either side waves the white flag,  they’ll have to overcome the most picky pair of homeowners they’ve ever faced. Can Hilary resuscitate the love for the seemingly unreachable Rita? Can David stun the stupefyingly stubborn Steven? And ultimately when the smoke clears, will they love it? Or list it?

Episode 3043: Colin & Beth

Hilary and David battle the clock to please a conflicted couple expecting their first baby. Can Hilary fix their crumbling suburban cottage? Or will David sweep them closer to the city?

Episode 3044: Laurie & Kathy

The Hung’s house needs a formidable face lift. Daughter Laurie wants to pay to renovate it while mom just wants to go. Caught in the middle of this family feud, Hilary tries to reclaim the love with her reno while David digs deep to deliver a new family home.

Episode 3045: Mike & Teresa

Mike and Teresa live in a 90 old charming home by the lake that’s lovely on the outside, but seriously lacking on the inside. Mike doesn’t want to cut the ties to his East Coast flavoured home but Teresa is fed up with its problems. With limited budgets and long lists, both Hilary and David are duking it out to please this particular pair.

Episode 3046: Mark & Alana

When a young couple invites a parent to join them in their dysfunctional fixer-upper, the need for Hilary and David to work their magic becomes immediate! Now it’s a race against time  to create a residential renaissance that can please the entire family. Will they love their home again? Or will they list it?

Episode 3047: Ron & Heather

The Olmsteads live in the second floor apartment of their century fixer upper but plans to reform this residence went astray when baby Ben came along. Now Hilary and David are aiming to bring this couple together in a house that’s right for a family.

Episode 3048: Kasia & Patrick

With their first child on the way, two young artists decide their frozen second floor has got to go. With huge hopes, but tiny budgets, Hilary and David duke it out to find this family some long sought after peace of mind.

Episode 3049: Jason & Karin

Jason’s home-based personal training business is putting a cramp in the home life and Karin wants to separate the two. Karin can’t see blending both in their current home but Jason sees a future here. Hilary and David show them the ropes of how it can be done.

Episode 3050: James & Sharon

The Milne family moved into their home 5 years ago and has quickly outgrown the space. James is fed up with the growing list of renovations while Sharon is extremely attached to the home. With four busy kids will James and Sharon decide to love their home again, or will they start packing?

Episode 3051: Rahul & Rachel

After years of living abroad, the Maharishi family finally settled down into a suburban fixer upper. Rahul has a strong vision for this house but Rachel just can’t see it and wants out. Hilary tries to bring Rahul’s vision to life while David tries to satisfy a new home vision.

Episode 3052: Michelle & Dan

Blinded by the beauty of the ravine backed yard, the Browns rushed to buy their cute urban cottage. Hoping to grow their family they’ve asked Hilary and David to slug it out to secure some desperately needed square footage.


Episode 4053: Sean & Rebecca

Moving from a country home to the city , the O’Hara’s bought a character filled fixer upper. But Sean is fed up with fixing it while Rebecca is fixated on its charm. Hilary tries to convince Sean this house is worth the investment while David tries to lure Rebecca out the door.

Episode 4054: Douglas Family

With their third baby due any day and nowhere to put it the Douglas family is desperate for a domestic do-over. With the clock ticking down, Hilary and David are in a mad dash to deliver a family sized solution.

Episode 4055: Paul & Pam

Buying a larger home in their area, the Shavers’ quick decision has led to disputes over space, layout, and character. Hilary tries to customize this home for Paul to make it more modern while  David searches for the perfect updated place to convince Pam its worth the move.

Episode 4056: Denil Family

After two decades of family life the Denil’s are spilt on the question of downsizing. Now, Hilary And David help these empty-nesters walk the line between cherishing the charm of the past while moving forward to the space of their future.

Episode 4057: Chris & Ayeza

With Chris’s need for order and military precision in his home and Ayeza’s need for charm and character, this couple can’t see eye to eye. David tries to blend these opposite needs in a new house while Hilary tries to modernize their century home into a more functional space.

Episode 4058: Chris & Winnie

When the Chris and Winnie inherit the Wahl family home, they find themselves buried under three generations of clausterphobic clutter. When Hilary and David are brought in they’ll have to scale the mountain of mess and find this family a clutter free future.

Episode 4059: Shelly & Michael

Shelley and Michael are eco-friendly, expecting and locking horns about living in their  pretty, yet impractical city home. Both David and Hilary are on the hotseat to please this particular pair with green solutions that are beautiful, practical and on budget.

Episode 4060: Brad & Kim

For the Cunninghams, the daily grind of their in home day care has only sharpened the wedge divides them. Can David divide Brad’s daycare from his day to day or will Hilary create enough space to contain the kids and calm the contentious Kim?

Episode 4061: Jaswal Family

When all members of the Jaswal family pooled their money for a new home, function took the back seat to form. Now Hilary and David have five adults to please if they have any hope of keeping this family together.

Episode 4062: Cate & Paul

For two years, Cate’s been looking for better space for her family of 6 but Paul has stubbornly held on to their charming, city home. Hilary is honing in on a renovation masterpiece to convince Cate to stay while David is tempting Paul with pleasing, new properties.

Episode 4063: Bill & Marian

The Godoy’s barely converted triplex is not the family home for Marian anymore while Bill is content with its compartmentalized feel. David desperately tries to lure Bill out the door into open concept space while Hilary renews their home and hopefully hearts to stay.

Episode 4064: Leslie & Dustin

Naturopathic doctor Leslie loves her home while businessman Dustin can’t see the value in staying there. Hilary tries to transform the space and Dustin’s mind to stay while David shows shiny and new to get Leslie to leave.

Episode 4065: Julia & Sub

For Julia and Sub, the impending arrival of their first child has them split on whether their dysfunctional house will feature in the future of their family making Hilary and David race the clock to provide some baby-ready peace of mind.

Episode 4066: Laura & Rob

Laura’s mobility issues are making her home a health hazard. Rob wants to leave to find easier ground while Laura wants to convert her coveted space. David dazzles with beautiful bungalows while Hilary tries to rebuild the home of their dreams.

Episode 4067: Mike & Cathy

For 33 years, family fun and personal heath struggles have prevented Mike and Cathy from maintaining their house. Now Hilary and David will battle it out to deliver the safe, stunning stress free home this conflicted couple deserves.

Episode 4068: Dan & Rich

After decades of raising their 2 boys in  a spacious side-split, Dan and Rich find themselves in a high maintenance empty nest. Now Hilary and David are tasked with pleasing this picky pair with the residence that will help them retire right.

Episode 4069: Bukovec Family

Helen and her four teens run a home business that’s taking over all their space. Two kids want out and two kids want to stay, leaving mom in the middle. Can Hilary do enough to appease this divided family to stay or will David unite them in new space that brings business and pleasure together.

Episode 4070: John & Laura

Hilary and David meet their match when fellow realtor John and his “toughest client ever”, wife Laura become divided over their beach side home. Facing lofty expectations and their combative nature the hosts patience are pushed to the brink.

Episode 4071: Sandra & Jeff

Reunited couple Sandra & Jeff live in the tiny home they bought 30 years ago with their new blended family. Hilary tries to create more functional space to keep Jeff at home while David struggles to convince Sandra that bigger, better space is the way to go.

Episode 4072: Mary & Chris

Mary and Chris love their neighborhood but the dysfunctional footprint is driving Mary crazy.  David searches high and low to find a neighborhood gem to convince Chris out the door while Hilary redesigns the home to be a better fit for Mary.

Episode 4073: Mieke & Geoff

Couple Mieke and Geoff are divided when it comes to their suburban house. Mieke loves her home, while Geoff wanted out from day one. Can Hilary make Geoff love it again? Or will David coax Mieke to move?

Episode 4074: Sandra & Sharon

Blended family Sandra and Sharon are at odds over their bungalow. Sharon wants to stay, while Sandra wants a bigger place. Can Hilary redesign their space to make it work? Or will David find them a house that they can happily call home?

Episode 4075: Kevvie & Nicole

Kevvie and Nicole bought their fantasy 70’s style dream house only to find that dream full of problems. Nicole wants a new dream while Kevvie is stuck on his fantasy space. David scours the neighborhood for a more functional fantasy while Hilary tries to rebuild the dream.

Episode 4076: Mary Jo & Glen

Mary-Jo and Glen are at odds over their 1930’s farm house. Glen loves the country, while Mary-Jo wants modern amenities. Can Hilary transform their homestead? Or will David find them the perfect mix of urban and rural?

Episode 4077: Chris & Allison

Chris and Allison are divided over their semi-in the city. With a growing family Allison needs more space, while Chris is attached to his hood. Can Hilary make Allison love it again? Or will David entice Chris to move?

Episode 4078: Frank & Megan

Frank and Megan are as divided as their centrally located duplex. Will David move Frank out of his beloved neighbourhood? Or can Hilary transform the duplex into a single family home that will convince Megan to stay.


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Cycle A.

Episode 5079: Dan & Krista

Dan and Krista’s family of seven is pushing their 1100 square foot home to the brink of bursting. With one baby sleeping in the hallway and the rest of the family stacked on top of each other, Dan is desperate to leave this house behind. Krista, on the other hand, is attached to the house she’s brought her babies home to and knows they haven’t tapped this homes true potential. Can David make Krista move by finding her brood of seven a bigger space within their neighborhood? Or can Hilary’s overhaul of every level of their tiny house win back Dan’s heart?


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Episode 5080: Alice & Desmond

A decade after lawyer Alice and real estate agent Desmond bought their home off of builder’s plans, they’ve become split down the middle. Alice loves the lakeside location, while Desmond is desperate for more space for their family of five. Now David must team up with Desmond to convince Alice to trade her dream location for family-friendly function, while Hilary goes to extremes on their main floor to convince Desmond to stay.


Episode 5081: Marisa & Chris

Marisa loves the charm of her old three bedroom house in the neighbourhood she loves. But her husband Chris feels that now that they are a family of five, they are being squeezed-out. No front hall closet makes for a cluttered entranceway, the closed-off-ness of the dining/kitchen area means that their daughter’s food allergies cannot be monitored when they are not in the room. And their son and a daughter are having a battle of the sexes sharing a bedroom. All this and a climate control issue that affects the day to day living for the family in this century home. Can David find the house of their dreams in this ideal neighbourhood? Can Hilary still deliver after a design detail the family neglected to inform her of is thrown at her at the 11th hour?


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Episode 5082: Beth & Dan

When Dan and Beth bought their 1200 square foot centrally-located semi, they were on the same page, but a decade, two kids and a home-run business later they could not be further apart. After a successful kitchen renovation, Dan believes in his home’s capacity to transform, while Beth is desperate for a space that will allow her kids and business to grow. Can David convince Dan to ditch his beloved neighbourhood in favor of suburban space? Or can Hilary’s space saving innovation open Beth’s eyes to her home’s true potential?


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Episode 5083: Matt & Kelly

Several years after purchasing their urban row-house, Matt and Kelly make no bones about becoming completely divided over its future. With three young kids, this fiery couple finds themselves in daily fights over shared bedrooms, frozen kitchens and a rodent infested basement. Matt loves the urban grit and is convinced his home can become as functional as it is attractive, while Kelly is desperate for a way out. David is determined to deliver the perfect marriage of location, style, and family sized function to persuade Matt to leave, while Hilary tackles this house from basement to attic to convince Kelly to stay.


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Episode 5084: Roxy & Dee

Roxanne and her daughter Dee are outgrowing their tiny bungalow. The close proximity of their bedrooms and the tiny main floor layout has made a lack of privacy and a general lack of space the main issues for Dee. Roxy also uses the basement for her business, which leaves no room for Dee to entertain. David must find an affordable home that gives both women separate spaces to call their own, while Hilary has to find a way to create more useable space within their existing home.


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Episode 5085: Julie & Sherry

Sisters Julie and Sherry bought this three story home because of its potential to give them each their own space as well as an income unit in the basement. However, Julie feels she has the short end of the stick with the main floor and basement as her space; there is no proper bedroom on the main floor so she must sleep in the noisy, dark basement where her bathroom is also located. Sherry wants her sister to see the potential for a great home where they can have all they want but that’s fair to them both. She just needs Hilary to create three completely finished separate spaces that will allow them to rent out the basement, as well as improve the heating throughout the house. The task is a big one for Hilary, while David has the enviable position of just finding them a three unit, finished house in any neighbourhood but their own.


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Episode 5086: Joe & Linh

Joe and Linh’s ravine-backed home would have been out of reach financially if not for it’s location on one of the busiest streets in the city. Several years and two kids later, the dangerous front yard and the death drop of the ravine out back combined with the horrible sight-lines inside have made their home a child safety nightmare for Linh, while an obsessive attachment to his home’s green space has Joe’s roots dug in deep. Now Hilary must make the most of their cold basement to get Linh to love her home again while David gambles it all on the fusion of function and finishings outside their prestigious neighborhood to get Joe to leave.


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Episode 5087: Phil & Kelly

Phil and Kelly are an over-extended couple who are busy rearing their three energetic kids. Life is about to get even more hectic with baby number four on the way, and Phil feels their three-bedroom house can barely contain the family as it is. Kelly, however, feels they can better use the existing space in their home. David must find a larger home within their budget that keeps them in their neighborhood, while Hilary needs to find a way to take some of the pressure off the rooms in their existing home.


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Episode 5088: Joe & BJ

When BJ and Joe discovered they were expecting their first child, the expectation mounted for Joe to trade his beloved condo for a house. So dismayed with his pressured purchase, Joe hasn’t even unpacked and less than a year after taking possession, Joe wants out. BJ on the other hand is fully committed to making this a family home despite its laundry list of issues. Can Hilary open up the cramped main floor to create a condo-esque aesthetic for Joe? Or will David convince BJ that condo convenience functions better for their family?


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Episode 5089: Heidi & Greg

Heidi and Greg knew how many issues they’d need to address to make this first home of theirs more functional. But Heidi is always away on business and Greg has been unable to deal with the home’s countless plumbing, electrical, tiling, and structural issues on his own. Hilary must pull off a major kitchen renovation and try to undo some seriously shoddy workmanship, while David must find a character home with a large yard within the same neighborhood.


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Episode 5090: Angleo & Brigida

Angelo and Brigida have lived in their home for fourteen years, but with two active teenagers and Angelo’s aging parents moving-in for good, the house has become too crowded. Angelo feels it’s time for a more spacious home that can handle a larger family. However, Brigida is too entrenched in her community to feel moving is a possibility. David must find a home within their neighborhood that accommodates all three generations, while Hilary must create a private in-law suite for Angelo’s parents and a rec room for the kids.


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Episode 5091: Niru & Alok

Niru and Alok have been living in their so-called “starter home” for eight years. Niru loves her house and enjoys her urban lifestyle, but Alok feels they need to move closer to the suburbs where his family participates in cultural activities. David must find an affordable home that keeps the homeowners close to the city, while Hilary must manage a kitchen renovation while creating dedicated spaces for in-laws and kids.

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Episode 5092: Andrea & Brian

Andrea and Brian have a lovely young family and plan to add another baby right away… Unfortunately they have clearly outgrown their small home, and Andrea has had enough of Brian’s renovations to make it better. Andrea looks to David to find them a new home that will provide the much needed space for their growing family and an office for Brian. Not wanting to move, Brian needs Hilary’s help in convincing Andrea to live through just one more renovation. Hilary will have to completely reconfigure their second floor to make Andrea stay while David will have to find immaculate, family sized space to convince Brian to move.


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Episode 5093: Melissa & Oliver

Oliver put an offer on a home when his wife Melissa was away on business. Since moving in, the two homeowners are confronted almost daily by their home’s dysfunctions. Now with a six month-old, an active social life and two busy careers, Melissa craves a headache free-home that they can BOTH choose, while Oliver is committed to making their starter home last for the rest of their lives. David must find a better-functioning house within their neighborhood, while Hilary is tasked with making the most of an unfinished basement.


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Episode 5094: Catherine & Scott

Scott has owned this house since he was a young man. He met Catherine when she was a renting tenant, and they fell in love here. Over the past few years, Catherine has dealt with serious health issues and Scott is tired of keeping up with their dysfunctional home. He feels that Catherine deserves better and wants her to have the house of her dreams NOW. But Catherine loves this house—it is where she has fought and won the toughest battle of her life! David has to deliver lakeside luxury with room to grow and no to-do list to coax Catherine to list, while Hilary renovates bathrooms, bedrooms and a third floor surprise all in an effort to get Scott to fall back in love with the home that has come to mean so much to his beloved wife.


Episode 5095: Mishelle & Ron

Ron and Mishelle purchased Ron’s heritage family home one year ago. Their family is the fifth generation to live in this classic century farmhouse. Unfortunately Mishelle left a bungalow behind which she claims functioned much better for them AND was mortgage free. She is already tired of the rambling “plantation” and feels that it is way too far from the city. David must find a more manageable home that is move-in ready while Hilary is tasked with making this century-old heritage home more functional for this family.


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Episode 5096: Neilson Family

At four months pregnant, Danielle convinced her husband to buy into a long abused former flop house in a run down neighborhood because it was their best shot at having a house to raise their burgeoning family in. After a decade of battling the homes’ former life Danielle has now had it! She is desperate for a life free of renovations while Aaron has grown attached to the space he’s poured 10 years of blood, sweat and tears into. Can Hilary overcome years of abuse and overhaul the main floor to make Danielle stay? Or will David deliver the kind of move in ready centrally located home that will coax Aaron to move?


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Episode 5097: Darlene & Jade

When Jade sold her champion horse, she was able to invest the money in a new home with her mother Darlene. But it soon became apparent to Jade that the house gave her zero privacy and was too far from the downtown activities she enjoyed. Jade wants to move, but Darlene loves their home’s character. Hilary must create a private space for Jade to call her own while David must find a more central location with dedicated spaces for everyone in the family.


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Episode 5098: Sarena & Flare

Sarena and Flare are an active couple whose artistic endeavors (Sarena is a musician, Flare performs as a drag king) fill much of their free time and much of their space in their tiny home. With only two bedrooms in the house, the 2nd bedroom is currently competed over as not only their hobby space, but a guest room and office. Knowing they need more space to accommodate their ever growing creative ventures, guests and office needs, this couple finds themselves at a crossroads. Serena is in love with their first home and feels the energy within it could never be duplicated, while Flare has had it with their cramped main floor, shared creative space and no room to house their family. Can Hilary reclaim the basement to rescue Flare’s heart? Or will David coax this couple outside their neighborhood to a home with the perfect combo of heart and function?


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Episode 5099: Aline & Colin

Aline and Colin have two active kids enrolled in hockey but no more room in their current house to accommodate their busy family life. Colin has many “brilliant ideas” on how their house can be made to work, but Aileen feels her husband is a “dreamer” and wants to move their family to a larger home with more space for their hockey-centric family. Hilary must create a space for the kids’ hockey-related activities and David must find a home with a lot large enough to accommodate a hockey rink.


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Episode 50100: Krista & Dave

Dave bought his rundown rural bungalow on protected land twelve years ago with a previous girlfriend. Krista moved in and has never felt like it was hers. Seven years of avoiding “Dave’s” en suite and closet and fighting the constant cold has pushed Krista over the edge and out the door. Dave on the other hand feels he’s made an effort to make this feel like home and knows his unfinished basement is the key to keeping her here. Can Hilary wipe the slate clean and create a master bedroom and renovated basement that could win Krista’s heart? Or will David create a fresh start for the couple in the form of a reno-free home on similarly protected rural property that could coax Dave to move?


Episode 50101: Rachel & Calum

Calum and Rachel purchased their three bedroom semi in the city with the clear plan to add a second child to their family. When Mother Nature informed them they were expecting twins Rachel knew they’d made a huge error in their purchase. With terrible main floor sight-lines, only one bathroom and no space for toys or guests, Rachel is convinced they need a much larger home before the babies arrive. Calum is convinced the house can be fixed and finds the idea of moving out of the city in search of bigger homes less than savory. Can Hilary reclaim every inch of their unfinished basement and prove to Rachel this home can accommodate their incoming kids? Or will David convince Calum that suburban sized space is the key to this family’s happiness?


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Episode 50102: Wendie & Dave

Dave and Wendie thought they had lucked out when a depressed real estate market allowed them to purchase their 2200 square foot home in an affluent suburban neighborhood. But 8 years later, the strange layout of the house is at war with the family’s needs, in large part due to the discovery that their eldest daughter has epilepsy. With the master bedroom on the other side of the house from the kids, Wendie is exhausted, spending most nights watching a video monitor for signs of seizures. As well, the kitchen is overloaded from the demands of creating multiple meals every day to cater to everyone’s specific needs. Wendie has had it with her home, but Dave believes it can be reconfigured to function well enough to keep them from leaving their beautiful neighborhood. Can Hilary solve the bedroom proximity problem and create a kitchen that will convince Wendie to stay? Or will David find the house with the layout and function that can make Dave leave his precious location?


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Episode 50103: Stephanie & Peter

Stephanie and Peter’s family has grown unexpectedly in a year’s time. The young couple has welcomed a new baby into their house and Stephanie’s Dad has moved in for good. Despite renovating his home only four years ago, Peter feels the house can be renovated once more to accommodate everyone in the family, while Stephanie feels it’s time to find a home better suited to their new lifestyle. Hilary must create a space for Stephanie’s Dad, while undertaking a costly kitchen reno. David must find a home that is modern enough to satisfy Stephanie, but functional enough to tear Peter away from his freshly renovated home.


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Episode 50104: Siobhan & Duncan

When Siobhan and Duncan bought this 1200 square foot suburban starter home 11 years ago, it was just what they needed. But one decade and 2 growing kids later, Siobhan and Duncan no longer see eye to eye on their tiny home. Duncan, the self- proclaimed handyman, has big ideas about how to make the house work, while Siobhan sees no end to the unfinished projects and daily function-related frustrations. With a tiny kitchen, no entertaining space, an over-used basement and only one decent bathroom, Siobhan is ready to make the move to a home with ready-made space. Can Hilary reinvent their tight basement to provide much needed function? Or will David convince Duncan to leave in favour of modern move-in ready breathing space?


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Cycle B.

Episode 50105: Leslie & Michael

When an influx of family took over Leslie and Michael’s tiny townhouse, it went from holding their small family of three to a crowd of seven! Now Michael is really feeling the squeeze. Can Hilary transform their basement to provide the much needed breathing space? Or will David deliver the house that has room for all?


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Episode 50106: Allison & Robert

Falling for tricky staging, Alison and Robert were charmed into buying the smallest house in their affluent neighborhood. With no main floor living space to speak of, Alison wants out! Can Hilary pull off the mandatory main floor miracle? Or will David show them just how much space their money can buy?


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Episode 50107: Katherine, Natalia, and Paolo

A three-way financial stake in this long time family home equals triple the headaches for Katherine, Natalia and Paolo. Grandmother, Katherine cares for the home and her grandkids when daughter Natialia and her husband Paolo travel for work in the Caribbean. Katherine wants out in favor of an easier to manage manor. But she’s alone on this. Can Hilary open the main floor that’s dividing the family AND this old house? Or can David find the layout that will add up to easy living for all?


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Episode 50108: Chelsea & Brian

At first sight, Chelsea and Brian were so blinded by the beauty of lakeside view that they failed to see the obvious flaws of their tiny bungalow. Now Brian feels the view is not enough to keep his family in this “shoe box.” Can Hilary transform their basement into bright, functional, family sized spaces or will David whisk them away to a home with more than just views?


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Episode 50109: Lorraine & Bob

Bob loved the century old house he was renting so much that when it came up for sale he bought it, living in the top two floors and renting out the rest. Then along came Lorraine. For the last 16 years she has been living in what still feels like Bob’s bachelor pad. Can Hilary complete the transformation needed to make this huge house finally feel like home for Lorraine? Or can David convince Bob to leave his beloved bachelor pad behind?


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Episode 50110: Jacqueline & Bevin

In just a few short years, Jacqueline’s inherited, centrally located home has gone from housing one to a family of seven! Husband Bevin wants to move to the suburbs where he can live like a king! Can Hilary’s main floor makeover convince Bevin that this house is worth keeping? Or will David’s spacious suburban options sweep Jacqueline right out of town?


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Episode 50111: Brent & John

John and Brent purchased this 3-storey historic Victorian home 19 years ago and have not had the money to prevent it from slipping into decline.  For John, this house is too big, too dark and way too difficult to maintain. After years of scrubbing his massive home he’s had it! Can Hilary finally fix the decades of decay and return this home to its former glory? Or will David set them up in a smaller, more maintainable house that will let them both enjoy their golden years?


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Episode 50112: Mike & Danny

After four years of marriage, police officers Mike and Danny are split on Danny’s former bachelor pad. For Mike, it’s never felt like home and he finds it to be tight, dark and totally unsuitable for entertaining. Danny knows they have a beautiful home in a sought after central neighborhood and is not giving it up without a fight. Can Hilary redesign this space into a place that finally feels like home to Mike? Or will David find the house that can convince Danny to leave his bachelor pad behind?


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Episode 50113: Irene & Marcos

After 30 years of raising their kids in their 2200 square foot suburban home, the walls are closing in around Irene while husband Marcos believes it can be fixed to accommodate their multi-generational family. Can Hilary create an open concept space large enough for this ever growing family? Or will David convince Marcos to move?


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Episode 50114: Sarah & Andrew

The arrival of a third child and nanny will stretch the limits of Sarah and Andrews’ centrally-located home. Sarah knows they need a bigger house while Andrew believes it can be made to fit their new needs. Can Hilary re-imagine this house to make Sarah stay? Or will David coax Andrew away from his cramped quarters?


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Episode 50115: Kelly & Robin

When Kelly and Robin blended their families under one roof, Kelly’s 1100 square foot bungalow was bursting. With a history of flipping houses, Kelly’s convinced this house can be made to work, but Robin only wants out. Can Hilary utilize every inch of this house to ease Robin’s claustrophobia? Or will David find them the suburban space this family needs to function?


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Episode 50116: Sachi & Cam

Sachi and Cam purchased their lakeside home sight unseen while living on the other side of the continent. Upon arriving they discovered it was far smaller than the wide-angled real estate photos had suggested. Cam wants out in favour of a house with space, while Sachi thinks the house can be fixed. Can Hilary reinvent this house to make Cam feel good about his impulsive purchase? Or will David coax Sachi into something new?


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Episode 50117: Jody & Sam

2 years, a toddler and an in-home nanny share have turned their 1000 square foot house into a wedge between Jody and Sam. Jody needs space to breathe, while Sam thinks their current home can be made to work. Can Hilary squeeze enough function out of their limited footprint to keep Jody at home? Or will David find the new home that even Sam can’t find fault with?


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Episode 50118: Danielle & Richard

The question of whether they can fit more family in their tiny two bedroom home is tearing Danielle and Richard apart. Richard wants a larger home, but Danielle’s elderly Aunt lives right next door making moving, for Danielle, unthinkable. Can Hilary create the growing room that would keep Richard in this house? Or will David find a way to give them space without sacrificing their dearly loved location?


Episode 50119: Karine & Daphna

When Karine’s husband suddenly passed away, she and her son found themselves squeezing back into her former bachelorette pad with her sister Daphna. Can Hilary re imagine their living spaces enough to let this family write their next chapter here? Or will David convince Karine that making a fresh start means buying a new home?


Episode 50120: Deborah & Jay

When urban hippies Debra and Jay inherited a large sum of money the fight over whether to keep their crumbling home flared up. With it’s tiny, cut up rooms, a cavernous basement, the smallest upstairs bathroom of all time and next to no space to pursue their artistic and educational endeavors, Deborah is desperate to move, while Jay is clinging to their up and coming neighborhood and the home’s untapped potential. Can Hilary convince Deborah that a top to bottom renovation can keep them at home in their central neighborhood? Or will David lure Jay to a whole new location with an entirely different lifestyle?


Episode 50121 – Trish & Brian

Avid runners Trish and Brian’s latest home is not accommodating all to Brian’s vision and hearing based disabilities. With it’s divided layout, low basement and poor sightlines, Trish thinks the house is down right hazardous, while Brian’s big ideas for his well situated home have his feet nearly nailed to it’s floor. Can Hilary transform their house into the accessible space Brian believes It can be? Or will David open Brian’s mind with the obstacle free, easy living space, Trish knows they need?

Episode 50122: Becky & Junior

Restaurateurs Becky and Junior have been so busy for the last few years, their family of four has been living in the basement of their three-story centrally located home. Junior see’s nothing but years of headaches to convert what used to be apartments into a functioning single family home, while Becky refuses to walk away from a huge house in the perfect location without seeing it reach it’s true potential. Can Hilary renovate the house enough to get this family finally living above ground? Or will David find them the turnkey, family ready space that keeps them steps away from their popular restaurant?


Episode 50123: Sue & Bruce

With up to 6 grown adults inhabiting their tiny 1100 square foot home at any given time, to say this ever shrinking house has divided Sue and Bruce is an understatement. Bruce knows they can’t continue to live with the lack of bedrooms, cramped kitchen and zero dining space, while Sue is convinced the only house she’s ever owned can become the only house they’ll ever need. Can Hilary make the most of every overtaxed inch to make Bruce want to stay? Or will David sweep Sue off her feet with the move in ready space her family so desperately needs?


Episode 50124: Pam & Brad

Ultra-organized Pam thinks their 1000 square foot bungalow is more than enough space for her and Brad’s growing family of 6, but Brad completely disagrees. Can Hilary re-imagine the main floor to prove to him this home can work?


Episode 50125: Barb & Pete

When Barb and Pete bought their semi detached home it was with a 5 year plan. Over a decade and two active, teenaged kids later, they’re still there and struggling with the tiny cramped spaces more than ever. Can Hilary prove to Pete that this house can work? Or will David find them the home that delivers not only the space they need, but the peace of mind they deserve?


Episode 50126: Christine & Rick

When Christine and her daughter moved in with Rick and his 2 kids she thought it was only temporary. Though the house was on the street he grew up on, still surrounded by family, Christine felt there was no way it could ever truly accommodate their newly blended family. But despite the desperate lack of bedrooms and bathrooms, not to mention a chopped up main floor that can’t accommodate their ever growing extended family, Rick believes his house is where they belong and he’s willing to do anything to prove it. Can Hilary find the space to house this ever growing family? Or will David find the space that allows them to blend seamlessly?


Episode 50127: YJ & Michael

When their five year plan to live in their home turned into a decade, and the family expanded to include kids and a nanny, YJ and Michael became divided over their three bedroom home. YJ wants to trade the never-ending renos and space issues for a house with the finished space her family deserves; while Michael is ready to do whatever it takes to stay in the house and hood he loves. Can Hilary expand this house to fit their ever-changing needs? Or will David find them the house that has it all?


Episode 50128: Georgia & Steve

Georgia and Steve are completely split when it comes to the future of their two story centrally located former triplex. With its divided layout, lack of bedrooms and the most dysfunctional kitchen on the planet, Georgia is fed up. Steve however loves the big house and knows it has the potential to be transformed. Can Hilary convince Georgia her home is worth a second look? Or will David convince Steve there’s life beyond this house?


Episode 50129 – Delilah & Dan

When Delilah and Dan bought their mid-century bungalow, their hearts lit up at its potential. One year later, the limited work Dan has done to make it reach that potential has pushed Delilah out the door. Now completely dysfunctional, Delilah wants a house that’s done from top to bottom while Dan is clinging to his hopes for this house like a life raft. Can Hilary help this house live up to Dan’s dreams? Or will David sweep this family away into the worry-free house they deserve?

Episode 50130: Janice & Trevor

When Janice bought a house without consulting Trevor, only to find he couldn’t stand up fully in its only bathroom, the divide was instantaneous. Now after less than a year of trying to make it work, the combination of tight spaces, insufficient storage and no room for guests has only cemented Trevor’s position: he wants out! Can Hilary maximize the space in this tiny house to make it the long term home Janice hopes it can become? Or will David find the perfect place in their area that Trevor knows they need?


 Behind The Scenes

Episode 60131 – Kelly & Eric

Kelly and Eric spent the last two years fixing up their once derelict 2,300 square foot home. Now that some of the minor work is done and the value has increased significantly, the homeowners are divided over its future. With still much to do, Eric wants to list it and profit from their investment where as Kelly sees it as an investment for their family. Will David find them a family ready home at a financially freeing price or will Hilary increase this family’s emotional investment by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60132 – Jamie & Greg

Jamie and Greg spent two years searching for their dream home. Now caring for two kids, stay at home dad Greg has had it with the home’s lack of function. Jamie on the other hand doesn’t think they have time to invest in finding a home as good as their current bungalow. Will realtor David find them a family ready home that gives them family sized function without the headaches, or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably easier by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60133 – Jennifer & Vince

Vince and Jennifer bought their home when it perfectly fit their family of five. Since moving in their family has grown to nine, but their house cannot grow with them. In need of a bedroom for their toddler and a space for their teens, Vince is desperate to find more space to accommodate their large brood. Jennifer however cannot entertain the notion of leaving their neighbors and community. Will designer Hilary transform this home to create all the oversized family function Jennifer believes it can have, or will realtor David provide all the hassle free space Vince knows this family needs in a search for a new home?

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Episode 60134 – Gary & Lauren

Eager to start a family, a couple has become divided over their bungalow’s ability to house their next chapter. The ample space outside no longer makes up for the cramped quarters inside. Can David find them a home that combines the gorgeous land they desire outside with the family ready spaces they need inside, or will Hilary show them that their house is ready for their family filled future by reinventing many of its highly debated spaces?

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Episode 60135 – Matt & Marci

After ditching suburban space to join his wife Marci in her charming but tiny home, Matt quickly began feeling buried. Realtor David will work to find them a home that combines the space Matt needs to breathe with the charm artist Marci is so inspired by. Meanwhile, designer Hilary will prove the true potential of their house by redesigning and expanding many of its highly debated spaces.

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Episode 60136 – Jeremy & Shana

Beauty expert Shana and amateur race car driver Jeremy got married and traded in their downtown condo for a 2,300 square foot rural home. While Jeremy loves the land and roomy garage fit for his race car, Shana is not so happy in this country cottage. Desperate for a home that combines urban functionality for Shana and car ready space for Jeremy the couple will have to decide, can they love this home again, or will they list it?

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Episode 60137 – Josmell & Carla

It was an American dream come true for Josmell who was the first in his family to purchase a home after emigrating from Peru. He loves their cozy townhouse while his wife, Carla believes their family’s future should include relocating to a much larger house!  With the arrival of their daughter, Carla felt the walls of their cramped townhouse closing in and believes that there is nowhere to grow, but out!  Josmell is determined to make the house work for their growing family. Will David find them a family ready home with enough space to stretch out or will Hilary expand their outlook by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces.

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Episode 60138 – Dwayne & Hong – An
Professors Dwayne and Hong-An bought this century old home in their twenties.
After being on again, off again for over a decade, the duo patched up their
relationship but has not been able to mend the issues of their house. Dwayne is tired of the constant to do list and is ready to find a home to raise their daughter,
while Hong-An is not ready to part with all their memories. Will David find them a
family ready home without the to do list or will Hilary make them fall in love all
over again by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?
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Episode 60139 – Greg & Rodolfo

Restaurateur Rodolfo and Fitness Expert Greg started renovating a fixer upper near the city with the help of Greg’s father. After the completion of the top two floors, work came to a halt as Greg’s father suddenly passed away. With an
unfinished basement and cramped spaces for their growing parties, Rodolfo feels
it is time to cash in on the home’s improvement and find a house that is ready to
entertain. Greg however is not ready to part with all his father’s hard work. Will
David find them a home ready for entertaining without the to do list or will Hilary
make them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the home’s hotly
debated spaces?
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Episode 60140 – Nevada & Kevin

Music venue owner, Kevin, purchased this house without his pregnant wife,
Nevada, ever walking inside. Now with four kids, Nevada feels the daily
frustrations with the functional issues of the home. With an overflow of laundry,
kids sharing a room and no garage to store all their items, Nevada is ready to
leave the house behind in search for the perfectly functioning family home. Kevin
however is determined to make this house work. Will David find them a functioning home without the to do list or will Hilary make them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?
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Episode 60141 – Thomas & Sarah

Thomas and Sarah purchased their home near the city in a neighbor close to
where Thomas grew up. Thomas loves the location but Sarah feels that the
cramped quarters confine her. She wants a more open concept but out in the
country. Will David find them a home with wide open spaces or will Hilary make
them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated
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Episode 60142 – Marty & Shannan

Marty and Shannan inherited a century old farmhouse on a large property that
hosts the family’s summer music camp. While music teacher Marty has sentimental attachments to his family’s legacy, soon-to-be mom Shannan feels
there is too much work needed to make the home modern and baby ready. She
is eager to find a new home without all the problems, but Marty can
not part ways with the camp and all the memories. Will David find them a family ready home with space for the summer music camp or will Hilary be able to make their home modern by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?
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Episode 60143 – Sonya & Dave

Dave and Sonya have spent 8 years battling a never-ending to do list in their Mid
Century home. Graphic designer, Dave loves the feel of the house but Sonya is
fed up with the issues that constantly appear. Will David find them a functioning
home without the to do list or will Hilary make them fall in love all over again by
reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?
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Episode 60144 – Shannon & Mason

Mason and Shannon moved into their 2,000 square foot home in a neighborhood perfect to raise their young son, Luke. After adopting their teenage daughter, Carmen, they felt as though their house may be a little too small for a family of four.  Mason wants to find a larger home with enough space, privacy and function for all family members but Shannon wants Carmen to have stability.  Will realtor David find them a family ready home? Or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably easier by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60145 – Nathan & Anne

Busy professionals, Anne and Nathan traded in their high-end condominium for an open living mid century house. While Nathan loves the form and historic quality of the home, Anne only sees the many problems with its function. Now that they are expecting their first child, Anne is ready to move to a new house, or back to a condo that does not have a long to do list.  Will realtor David find them a family ready home? Or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably easier by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60146 – Emilee & Jody

Emilee and Jody bought their charming 1,626 sq ft home with the intention of using Jody’s handy skills as a contractor to fix it up. But after living in constant construction for several years, Emilee is ready to move. They want to start a family and while Jody strongly feels they can fix up their home to make it ready for kids, Emilee does not. Not only is Emilee tired of living in a construction site; she does not think there is enough space to accommodate for a growing family. Will David find them a move in ready home with enough space or will designer Hilary show them that their house is ready for their family filled future by reinventing many of its highly debated spaces?

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Episode 60147 – Kim & Tyler

Eight years ago, Tyler and Kim settled into an older, charming, little house in the heart of the city with their newborn daughter. Over a short period of time they discovered that owning an older home would mean battling with flooded basements, leaky roofs and a whole host of other deficiencies.  Though the problems have been dealt with, Kim still fears that they could come back. Tired of the limited space and sharing her bedroom and bathroom with the kids, Kim is ready to go, but Tyler wants to stay. Will designer Hilary transform this home to create all the family function Tyler believes it can have, or will realtor David find them the move in space Kim knows this family needs?

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Episode 60148 – Sarah & Ryan

Young couple, Ryan and Sarah purchased their first home that had recently been flipped in an up and coming neighborhood. Ryan saw this downtown house as first step on the property ladder: Sarah however has settled in for the long haul. Realizing that the house has some major flaws, Ryan wants to pack up and find a place that is perfect, but Sarah has become attached to this house and has no intention of moving. Will David find them a home that will function forever or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing many of the home’s functionally flawed spaces?

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Episode 60149 – Lola & LaShawn

LaShawn is a single mother raising two children while working as an associate professor and taking classes at a nearby university. Her mother Lola, a retiree, has recently moved in to their already crowded home. The kitchen is cramped and dated, there is no private space for Lola or the kids to relax or for LaShawn to work from home, and LaShawn shares the master suite with her mother. LaShawn is desperate for a home with more space and better function for her family; Lola, however, has no plans of uprooting again, after having just moved in. Will David find them a home with enough room or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing the home’s functionally flawed spaces?

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Episode 60150 – Cole & Ashley

After repeatedly being outbid in the real-estate market, Cole and Ashley took an aggressive gamble and purchased their first home sight unseen in an up and coming neighborhood. However the house was a disaster, and upon entering Cole immediately hated the choppy layout of the space. Cole thinks it will never be able to function for large groups or a future family, whereas Ashley is relieved to finally have a home and is certain that with a few renovations the house can be perfect. Will designer Hilary transform this house and create all the function Ashley believes it can have, or will realtor David find them the ideal move-in ready home in a desirable neighborhood?

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Episode 21 – Sam & Valerie

Needing an immediate place to live, pharmacist Sam and lawyer Valerie purchased their mid-century modern home under pressure. While Valerie loved the unique style, Sam has regretted this decision from the minute they moved in. He dislikes the small, dated bathrooms, the cramped kitchen and the lack of closet space – but he hates the idea of renovations even more. Valerie wants Sam to keep an open mind and is certain that a few changes will have a large impact on their home and daily life. Will David find them a great move-in ready home or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60153 – Amanda & Grif

Amanda and Grif purchased their home before starting their family. At the time the house felt massive – but now that their daughters are teenagers and Amanda’s career has taken off, the house no longer works. Amanda is ready to go; there are not enough closets and bathrooms, and there is no privacy to work, as her office is currently in the living room and everyone uses her desk. Grif loves his large, private backyard and is certain that a little makeover can make the house function again.  Will David find them a home that will work forever or will Hilary make them fall back in love with their house by reinventing many of it’s functionally flawed spaces?

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Episode 60154 – Kathy & John

Kathy and John fell in love with their large, private yard when they purchased their house almost three decades ago. Now that their kids have left the nest, and they both took early retirement, Kathy and John are spending more and more time together in their home. Kathy struggles with the functional issues in the kitchen, living room and master bathroom, but John is certain there are solutions to her problems.  He has gone so far as to demo the bathroom to make her happy, but they haven’t been able to agree on a new floor plan. Will realtor David find them the perfect house fit for their retirement, or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably more comfortable by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60155 – Anna Wade & Andrew

Anna Wade and Andrew moved their young family just a few houses down from Andrew’s best friend in an ideal neighborhood. Now that their kids are becoming teens, Anna Wade and Andrew realize that their house is just too small. Andrew is certain that the unfinished space in the basement can be transformed, while Anna Wade sees far too many functional issues on the main levels. Will realtor David find them a family ready home with space for their teens, or will designer Hilary make daily life immeasurably more comfortable by reinventing many of the home’s hotly debated spaces?

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Episode 60156 – Ryan & Ashley

Ryan and Ashley purchased their home when Ashley was a few months pregnant. Though it was in a desirable neighborhood, it was the worst house on the block and they were able to get it for a great price. The house, of course, needed a ton of renovations, which they were unable to complete by the due date.  Ryan is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and thinks it is just time to go, however Ashley feels strongly that with a little more work this can be their forever home. Will David find them a family ready home that will allow these new parents to enjoy time with their son, or will Hilary expand their outlook by reinventing many of the home’s unrenovated spaces?

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Episode 70157 – Ryan & Emily

Emily and Ryan both moved from out of state leaving loving friends and family behind. They were eager to purchase a home and start a family in an established neighborhood with lots of young couples. Two kids later however Emily is ready to move….

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Episode 70159 – Stew & Alan

Stew and Alan have been together for 21 years and love to entertain whether it’s a pool party in their backyard or family dinners inside. Alan loves the memories they have created raising three boys but now that Stew is retired and spending…

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Episode 70164 – April & Gray

Gray loves their home because of the large lot and abundance of privacy; however April is ready to move closer to town to a home that functions for their family of four. April dislikes the dated fixtures and finishes, the cut off kitchen and how…

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Episode 70158 – Don & Quincy

Quincy and Don found their ranch house when they were raising Don’s son. Several years and two kids later they have outgrown their home. After moving their master bedroom into one of their living rooms, Quincy is ready to move. She does not…

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Episode 70160 – Justin & Breanne

With two children and a baby on the way, life for Breanne and Justin is fun but rather hectic. Justin is already overwhelmed with the daily struggles in a small house that does not meet their needs. However, Breanne loves the chaos and feels that…

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Episode 70161 – Ken & Mark

After looking at dozens of properties, Ken and Mark settled on a cabin-like home in the woods that was only minutes from downtown. The house was a foreclosure and needed a lot of work, but having dabbled with DIY renos in the past, thought they…

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Episode 70162 – Callie & Jeff

While living overseas, Jeff bought a house online without ever stepping foot in it. When he and his wife Callie moved in, she was not too pleased with the house that seemed much smaller than it had in pictures. Now expecting their first child,…

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Episode 70163 – Stefanie & Jonathan

Stefanie and Jonathan are incredibly busy raising their two-year-old twin daughters and are missing the full time, live in help they used to have from Jonathan’s mother, Cindy. Cindy moved out because she did not enjoy living in the dark, and…

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Episode 70165 – Dawayne & Joi

Dawayne and Joi purchased their charming two-story home with a dream office that was perfect for Dawayne to run his business in. Fast forward a few years and now Joi, Dawayne, their two kids and his mother share the space while coping with daily…

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Episode 70166 – Shelly & Zahid

Over a decade ago, Shelly and Zahid purchased a spacious home that needed many upgrades, but had a great view overlooking their backyard, showcasing Zahid’s favorite feature, their large pond. Over the years however, very little has been done…

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