Love It or List It: Vacation Homes

Season One

Episode 1 – Jude & Pete

Pete adores the cramped A-frame Whistler vacation home he calls “Pete’s Place.” But Jude wants a cabin that works for both of them. Can Dan salvage this rat’s nest or will Elisa lure them away with the perfect chalet?


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Episode 2 – Michael & Kelly

Kelly was thrilled to find a family cottage on the Muskoka lake where she spent her childhood summers, but her husband Michael’s second guessing their impulse purchase. Can designer Dan deliver an updated space, or will realtor Elisa find a bigger cottage on the coveted lake?


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Episode 3 – Kelly & Brent

Now that they have kids, Kelly and Brent are divided over the cottage they once loved. Can realtor Elisa find a headache-free cottage to lure Brent away, or will designer Dan make Kelly fall back in love with the vacation home she once adored?


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Episode 4 – Lauren & Jim

Lauren and Jim took a gamble buying their Hornby Island vacation cabin sight unseen. Can designer Dan fix Jim’s decade-long DIY disaster to win Lauren over? Or will realtor Elisa have them rolling the dice on a new vacation home?


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Episode 5 – Brandi & Jackie

After welcoming a new baby, Jackie can’t live with the ongoing renovations of the ski chalet that she and Brandi purchased. Can Dan make their chalet the headache-free vacation home Jackie needs? Or will realtor Elisa lure this couple away to the perfect move-in-ready place?


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Episode 6 – Andy & Sandra

The constant work needed to fix up Andy and Sandra’s dream cottage has them divided. Can designer Dan show Sandra her cottage’s potential to be the relaxing space she deserves? Or will realtor Elisa find the beautifully situated, turnkey vacation spot that can make Andy move?


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Episode 7 – Margaret & Barbara

Sisters Margaret and Barbara’s cottage has been in their family for over eighty years. Can designer Dan breathe life into this dilapidated shack? Or will realtor Elisa find the ideal vacation home their whole family can love?


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Episode 8 – Greg & Katherine

Katherine regrets purchasing an aging lakeside villa, while Greg sees its potential to be an escape from the city. Can designer Dan end Katherine’s buyer’s remorse, or will realtor Elisa show Greg the true meaning of relaxation by finding the perfect move-in-ready vacation home?


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Episode 9 – Joanne & Dave

Joanne and Dave bought their one-bedroom cottage in Prince Edward County while they were dating, but have now outgrown it as a family of four. Can designer Dan squeeze out space for a second bedroom, or will realtor Elisa find them a move-in-ready cottage with more breathing room?


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Episode 10 – Chris & Rhonda

Chris loves their ramshackle Whistler chalet but Rhonda is reno-wrecked and just wants to hit the slopes. Can designer Dan free-style his way to a win? Or will realtor Elisa move mountains to find them the perfect vacation retreat?


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Episode 11 – Karen & Mark

Karen wants to leave her cramped cottage, but her husband Mark is tied to a lifetime of memories in his family vacation home. Can designer Dan make enough impact for Karen to consider a future here, or will realtor Elisa find the perfect vacation property to lure Mark away?


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